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Saturday, August 21, 2010

How to make a Bimini Ring Game

Making a game is easy - you can find all of the parts required at most hardware stores - If you don't mind purchasing more than you need, or if you are planning on making several games - the hardware you purchase at the local store will work great. Take a minute to read what is required to make a game - then I'll show you how to get more for your money

Here's a list of what's required...

1 Hook - measuring about 3.5 inches long overall.
1 Ring measuring 1.5 inches in diameter (inside ring).
1 Screw Eye (about 1.375 inches long) to attach the string to the ceiling with.
1 Small Plastic Anchor to insert into the ceiling for the Screw Eye to attach to.
1 Larger Plastic Anchor to insert into the wall for the Hook to attach to.
Note: The Larger Plastic Anchor is not required if you are attaching your hook to a wood post.
1 Piece of String measuring about 6 feet long.

So, how much does all this cost?

Because many of the items you need are sold in prepackaged quantitys at the hardware store - you'll end up paying for some hardware you will not be using - for example - the Hooks come in a package of 12 for about $5.00, the rings are packaged in pairs for $2.00, the Screw Eyes are packaged in a quantity of 100 for about $5.00 and the same is true for the Plastic Anchors. String can be purchased at Bait and Tackle Supply stores or Hardware Stores - figure around $4.00 for a roll of string for your game.

Total price for all the hardware and parts required will be around $20.00 and of course - you need to drive to several stores to find all the parts!

Save a little money and a lot of time...

If you would prefer not to spend your day gathering the parts required to assemble your game - and would like some helpful instructions on where to place the hook and eye screw - you can purchase a pair of our complete Bimini Ring Game Kits like the one shown here for $18.00 with free shipping in the US. They are regularly priced at $9.99 each - you save $2.00 plus - no traveling to different stores; spending time searching for all the parts required - then back home to try to figure out the right height and distance to mount the hardware on the wall and ceiling.

We make it simple

Purchase two games for $18.00, you'll get free shipping and we'll include assembly instructions explaining where to mount the hardware and how to adjust the string length to the correct distance for free.
You're just a couple of clicks away from having two games delivered to your home...

Ready to Order?

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Looking for something different?

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